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Things we Humans do That Annoys The Crap Out of Dogs

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! Dogs are loving, loyal, adorable, cute, protecting, amazing, and they give their all for their human. There’s no doubt about the love of a dog for its owner, but do we humans, as their owners, do our part right? 

Dogs are not just loving and loyal, they also provide emotional support to people suffering from mental or emotional disorders. That’s why they widely used as emotional support animals too. I have a beagle who is an emotional support dog for my condition. I used to suffer from social anxiety and since he’s with me, I can see the improvement in my condition. At least I no longer run away from people in parks.

Dogs are our companions and we surely love them a lot. But at times we go overboard with our love for them and annoy the crap out of our pooch. Many a time, we invade their personal space just because we want to “love” them. We definitely don’t know our limits. Well, I can’t complain, I do the same with my beagle. But, it’s hard to resist, he’s so damn adorable! They just don’t react most of the time because they are loyal and love us. So, here are some of those things that we do with our doggos that annoy the crap out of them.

Hugging Them “Forcefully”

You must be a fan of comments like “aww, so cute”, or “your dog is so adorable, he loves you so much” on your Instagram post of you hugging your dog. Well, who doesn’t like such comments? But, have you ever thought about what your pooch might be feeling about it? 

It may look cute and adorable to you to hug your pooch and click a picture while you hug him, but it may not be that comfortable for your dog. People often hug others’ dogs too without the “consent” of that dog. But, not all dogs like that. Yes, they love to cuddle but when you put your arms around his neck or over his shoulder, he might consider it as a threat.

Most of the doggos allow hugs from people they are familiar with, but it’s not necessary that they like it. Let them come to you and cuddle according to his will. If you don’t know the dog well, just pet him on his back and chest but don’t hug him straight away.

However, many dogs just love hugs, and you can see their desire to hug by their body language. So, observe the dog’s body language carefully. If he’s yawning, averting his eyes, or leaning away, that means he is not comfortable with you hugging him.

Putting Hands in a Dog’s Face

Only if dogs could speak, they’d tell you, just how they feel when someone puts their hands in their face and personal space. Imagine if someone does the same with you with your permission. This becomes even more annoying for a dog if he doesn’t know you. 

If you are just looking to groom your dog. Like clean his ears or brush his teeth, do it slowly and gently. Add some treats and praise him for letting you do that. In any case, if you feel like your dog is showing signs of fear, or being aggressive, stop right there! It’s always better to stay away from a dog bite.

Not Letting Your Pooch Sniff Around During Walks

Dogs love going for a walk more than any other activity. They love exploring their surroundings. For them, it’s like a treasure hunt. Some dog breeds are more attentive to the different scents than others. A prime example of such a dog would be a Beagle (all hounds basically). But, that doesn’t mean other dogs love doing it any less. 

Not allowing them to sniff can irritate your dog. You can relate it to yourself also. Think of it like someone is dragging you away from your favorite burger stop. So, you must understand that dogs are made to sniff around and explore. Letting them do that for a while will make them really happy.

Yelling Too Much And Them or Harsh Punishments

emotional support dog

Do you like guilt on the face of your dog when you scold him for doing something bad? Well, I know I don’t. Don’t think just because they can’t understand your words, they don’t know what you want to convey. Dogs have “magical powers” to understand our emotions very well.

Yelling or punishing your pooch too much can scare him a lot. Yelling won’t stop him from committing the same mistake again, it will only worsen the condition. It is not good for your bonding with him either. He won’t respect you if you keep on yelling at him too much. This attitude won’t help you two in the long run. If you want to make him understand his mistake, use a positive attitude and techniques for that.

Ignoring Them or Leaving Them Alone

Dogs HATE being alone. They always need someone around them. Some might do well with another dog, but some dogs need a human companion. In worst cases, leaving some dogs along might also cause them to suffer from separation anxiety.

If you are busy with your job during the day, you can try spending as much time as you can while you are home. Make a routine and follow it strictly. Make him exercise a lot for mental stimulation. You can also find a pet sitter for your pooch while you are away at work.

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