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The Most Trending Travel Destinations for 2020

As one year ends we look forward to the year ahead of us with a focus on some of the major events and trends happening around the world. For instance, the Olympics will happen in Japan this year. However, some of us simply focus on looking at the new year through a lens of diversity. Like making a canvas of the most well-traveled destinations and saving money to travel the places marked on the map. But, of course, we also make a conscious effort to fill the new year with aspirations, positivity and good health. 

All in all, we aim for the best. Whether it is traveling or changing your life for the good, everything will account for something in your life. And the good news is, in this post, we will present to you a list of most trending travel destinations of 2020. So, pin your traveling calendar and get ready to see the places with geographical diversity. 

Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang Vietnam opens its doors wide open to a variety of old pagodas, serene beaches, famous national parks, and french colonial architecture. It is famously called the tourist capital of Vietnam. A location fittingly appropriate for spectacular sunsets against a backdrop of magnificent mountains. So, if you are looking for a place with the most spectacular sunsets and fun-filled activities, Da Nang is just the right destination for you. You see, D Nang is known for pristine beaches and magnificent views. This is why you can visit the place somewhere between May and August. 

These two months are most ideal to see the beauty of the beaches, cal water against a serene backdrop. In my personal opinion, don’t forget to make a travel itinerary when in Vietnam. After all, you will travel our way through the gigantic Marble Mountains, bask in the sun of My Khe Beach, ride through the dragon bridge, and experience the essence of Buddhist culture at Phap Lam Pagoda.  

Sao Paulo, Brazil

If you visit Sao Paulo, you will witness the city has innumerable things to offer. Like the art-house cinemas, experimental theaters, gourmet restaurants, underground bars, and it is home to earth’s dense jungle and longest river. Whatever pleasure you might come across, the city’s charm and adventure will definitely keep you occupied and you will never get enough of Sao Paulo. The city will also introduce you to some of the well-renowned places. For instance, the surfing spots in Brazil, the Brazilian rain-forest, Fortaleza (kite capital of Brazil), and Rio, also known as the urban capital of Brazil. Also, when you are in Sao Paulo don’t forget to fill your spirit with adventure by taking a hand-gliding flight over Rio de Janeiro. 

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, known for its tech scene, recently opened up a virtual reality tunnel at the Israeli Innovation Center. The center will be a major attraction for tech-savvy people. Not only this but the tunnel also allows the travelers to travel in the future and find out ways to save the world from impending global challenges. You see Tel Aviv is world-famous for its tech scene and capitalists from around the world travel thousands of hours to see what Cyber Week has in store for them. Cyber Week is a tech-inspired conference with a focus on technologies concerning smart cities. Interestingly, Tel Aviv came into the spotlight when the best selling book titled “Start-Up Nation” highlighted the tech scene going on in Tel Aviv. 

So, when you land in the city that never sleeps, just make sure you experience all the excitement. Beginning from Hebrew city to the stunning hues of the Mediterranean region, and the city’s markets and restaurants. 

Marseille, France 

There are many ports around the world but Marseille has a reputation for its impending crimes. And the good news is, if you travel Marseille, you will still sense the scruffiness inside the city. In fact, the bad reputation this place holds gives it an edge over all the other places in France and you wouldn’t mind taking in the intoxicating dynamism Marseille. Now, when you travel to this port, don’t forget to get a City Pass. The city pass will provide you free access to almost every museum in Marseille. And if you are looking to build a career out of travel, Marseille will make up for a good travel destination in your travel portfolio, Especially when you sit down to make your travel portfolio with the help of a good online portfolio builder

In addition to this, you can see everything exquisite in Marseille. From La Piane to Noailles and their surrounding environment. Interestingly, Marseille is an old port existing since 600 BC. Therefore, a perfect destination for people who are highly inspired by old cultural heritage and would love to travel back in time.

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