How Can AI Influence The Future of Our Society?

How Can AI Influence The Future of Our Society?

It’s really fascinating how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing and are likely to change the future of our society. AI will change the world more than anything in the history of human life. Now, it has become an integral part of our daily routine. The day is not far when these super-intelligent machines will start reading human brains. But we can’t ignore the fact that artificial intelligence has become a great helping tool. 

There are various aspects where artificial intelligence has influenced our society positively. Even services like close protection security has got a boost from AI. Now, you may wish to learn more about the impact you may experience in the upcoming future. Here, I will be listing some of the factors by which AI can influence the future of our society. Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into the world of Artificial intelligence.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has already changed alot in the pharma sector. Now, you can easily consult a doctor without even stepping out of their homes and get online medicines. It has made the work very efficient and reduced extra costs and errors.

The application of Artificial intelligence falls into three main categories: patient-oriented, physician-oriented, administration-oriented, and operational-oriented. The future of AI in the health care sector can range from answering queries online, analyzing population health, and handy device manufacturing to reading reports and making treatment plans for patients. 

Here, I am listing some of the major aspect where AI has to work in the health care department.

  • Improving productivity and quality of health care products. 
  • Enhancing patient engagement in self-care. 
  • Accelerate the speed of the evaluation process.
  • Reduce the cost of various treatments.
  • Easing the work of the doctors and other medical practitioners.
  • The introduction of evaluating machines so will save the doctors time in evaluating and focusing on treatments. 

However, with technological advancement, AI will definitely be a game-changer in imparting a great medical facility for patients. 

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Financial Institutions

AI has worked great and is still working in the field of banking. Every institution has stepped into the world of digitalization. This is the reason why the number of customers is continuously rising in the financial sector. But the question here arises, how the banking sector can increase customers without increasing the workforce and much expenses? 

Other industries have actually increased the expectation of a customer, which has become difficult to match their expectation. Nowadays, everyone wants pleasant and comfortable services with the help of technology. And here comes a point where the financial sector lacks. AI has a great scope to grow in the banking sector. 

The great engagement of IT and telecom services has worked well to provide the best to customers but it costs the banking sector. These services have made an easy transfer of confidential information on a virtual system, which has increased cyber crimes and frauds. Cybercrimes not only affect the funds of the banking sector but also affect trust-building.

Here, I’m listing some areas where AI can rule the banking sector in the upcoming future:

  • Artificial intelligence can help financial institutions to provide personalized guidance to their customers for making fast and accurate payments. This can also guide you to invest your money in a  better way. 
  • Artificial intelligence can work to simplify the process of digital wallets and can even help you to make offline payments in the upcoming future.
  • Banks can install interactive voice response systems to answer relevant common queries. 
Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Do you remember the old days, when we used to visit libraries and get photocopies of required study material? Today we have entered a world where the internet is the primary source of information. You can easily get any information with just one click. As technology is evolving, it has influenced society to develop different ways of learning. 

Do you know what the good news is? In the future, AI can reduce the burden on teachers. However, some educators also fear that it will replace the role of lecturers and teachers. They may get easily replaced by robots in the upcoming future. 

It was very evident how the teaching style changed significantly after covid 19. Students and teachers can now easily access online mediums to learn and level up their knowledge. Still, there is a great scope where AI can work in the educational sector.

 Here, I’m listing some of the aspects where AI can benefit both students and teachers.  

  • Make resources available that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 
  • AI can provide time to time counseling, multiple-choice tests, and grading through automation. 
  • Queries can be answered through chatbots.
  • AI tutors can be available to answer questions anytime anywhere.
  • AI can make subject selection easier according to the abilities of students. 

Open Up New Job Opportunities

Generally, people fear that advancement in technology will take their jobs. But infact, it will make our work more comfortable and will create new job opportunities instead of displacing them. The AI industry has doubled the requirement for professionals in recent years. 

Further, you can easily upskill yourself using various artificial intelligence courses. Now is the time when your future is in the hands of artificial intelligence. It’s up to you whether you upgrade yourself to stay ahead or not. 

Bottom Line 

 I would recommend you to upskill yourself with the growing demands and stay up to date. This will help you to withstand the growing technology.

Anton White
Anton teaches computer science in a primary school and loves writing blogs in his free time. Exploring and learning new coding languages is his favorite hobby.