Does Social Media and Politics Go Hand-In-Hand?
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Does Social Media and Politics Go Hand-In-Hand?

Social media has been a debatable platform when it comes to politics. At one point, when it is able to reach out to millions with a single; and on the other, these mass users can impact a political career. Since the invention of such widespread and people connecting platform, approach in politics has also been modified.

Some politicians spend millions on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Since each situation has two aspects, like two sides of coins. As this evolution was a momentous development, it also spread rumors and weird statements across. 

The public gained more opportunities through technologies to respond to political events. They are more free and democratic to raise their opinions and views. Communication amongst candidates and political leaders and the public has become a lot smoother and quicker. In addition to this, spreading words about or joining more people in raising funds, protests, rallies and other political events is a piece of cake.

Good Side of Social Media in Politics

Social media is now useful or say advantageous to political leaders to appeal to people for votes. Reach out to them personally without the hassle of a formal campaign organization. As a result, the chances of creation and amplification of vote increases. The role of politics in social media has broadened reach, complexity, and consequences.

Some leaders have taken to extremes by using social media effectively to meet their political ends. It is clear that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the best for political messaging. Everything falls in a flow in a political process. It does not matter whether the message spread is true or even non-conspiratorial.

Well-known politicians make use of twitter to connect to the public instantly and personally. It transfers messages to millions of people. We cannot forget the #MeToo movement or a recent #StayHomeStaySafe movement. They are the global phenomena due to the words spread across social media.

Since social media works on algorithms, so leaders can control their voters’ access to information. It became easier to leech into the users’ personal data, preference, political beliefs that can be achieved from their social media accounts. Google and Facebook have worked hard to be able to study and analyze how the public behaves on social media platforms. It speaks how users spend their time and money online!

More and more people are seeking and messages on political affairs on social media. As the devices and access to Facebook and Twitter are easier, people look up to such platforms more than radios or TVs or newspapers. Hence it has rendered social media to be more politically effective and viable. It is different from other digital channels to spread the news. Social media is easier to create and distribute content, establish connections, share views publicly.

Negative Side of Social Media in Politics

On contrary to all the usefulness of social media in political aspects, there are some demerits to it too. A rise in social media and the spread of messages (especially false ones) have increased skepticism on true news and messages. As we discussed the flow of information becomes easier, and so does the flow of misinformation.

Social media is all good for entertainment and fun, but when it comes to politics, it can be a little deceiving. So much information lying across the internet, it becomes difficult to point out the trustworthy. Although it is so only until you watch or hear journalists speaking on those matters.

Slowly and gradually, there are new additions to the conspiracy network. It is because it is so easy to tweet and upload. For instance, Donald Trump is considered having tweeted about Russia and collusions over 600 times and lamented fake news over 400 times. So, tweets or any social media message often comes to a general conclusion of just being fake news.

It is evident that the widespread false information also impeded with the decision making responsibility of an individual towards political news.

Future of Political Communication

Social media is to get broader, deeper and bring repercussions on politics and news before any other digital channel. Over all these years, the relationship between the politicians, the press, and the public. This is something that can be described in the same vien as finding the right emergency plumber in Wolverhampton for your home. While political leaders are still thriving to make most of the social media as a customary form of communicating to public hassle-free. What do you think, how will social media affect politics in the long run? Let us know in the comments below. Open to the discussion now!

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