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A Food Journey Through Barcelona

In a country that is as culturally supercharged as Spain is, it is invariable that it plays host to one of the world’s best culinary scenes.  

For a person who has no idea about Spain, Tapas might be the end all be all, but in reality, it is all a lot deeper than that. You can go around Barcelona and experience the spiritual journey of their world-class food in a few different ways.

You could go around the markets and pull out a stool and sample some food, or you could be navigating dark medieval alleys to sip some of the world-famous cocktails. 

There is a notion that even if you spend a lifetime eating what Barcelona has to offer, you will still never be able to taste everything that makes Barcelona unique. 

But for making the most of the time that we do have here is a list that should help you get the best food in Barcelona. 


If you are making your way to Barcelona or even Spain, in general, you cannot leave until you have had the paella.     

Paella is a simple man’s dish where a heap of seafood is served on a bed of rice. This incredibly filling dish that the locals don’t even eat at night. A good paella is all about the rice with seafood just acting like a garnish on the dish. So, once you are ready to get a paella to make your way to Can Fisher or Les Quinze Nits. 

Vermouth Aperitivo 

Vermouth is a great agent for mixing cocktails, but at the turn of the century, the trend of sipping it solo became a mainstay in Barcelona. This happened because of the  Italian influence of the city of Turin. 

Now vermouth is a lunch staple technically before lunch staple, but let’s go with the flow. You can find it right in the streets of Carrer Parlament. Other spots include Els Sortidors del Parlament for artisanal vermouth and tapas. 

Churros and Chocolate 

There is a picturesque street located at the heart of the Gothic Quarter, simply referred to as the churros street. 

Two Granjas ( a traditional style of Cafe from the 1930s and 1940s)  inhabit the lane. They are the oldest and are considered to be iconic. Grab a plate of churros at either Granja La Pallaresa or Granja Dulcinea. 

Do not forget to dip it well in the thick drinking chocolate that is served along with the Churros. 

Hop Between Pintxo Bars

Pintxos are essentially the Basque style of bar food, the kind that is basically round disks of bread topped with every imaginable topping on this planet. From quail to peppers, nothing is off-limits to the artistry of pintxo. 

Carrer Blai is the place to be if you want to enjoy affordable pintxo and tapas. I would advise you to start at Blai Tonight and then move up and down the street until you see something interesting.  

Get your Hands On Some Jamon 

Ham is an industry of its own in Spain. There are various kinds to choose from, and for someone who is not well versed with the terminology can get confused. Don’t worry, we have the necessary vocabulary all lined up for you. 

Serrano, Iberico, and Iberico de bellota. These are all the terminology that is you need to be aware of. First is the serrano, this is the cheapest variety and is not what you are looking for when you are on a ham hunt. 

What you want is the famous Iberian black pig. Amongst these pigs, there are the bellota, the pig that has only eaten acorn for the final months of its life.

If you want to sample, some of that ham deliciousness make your way to Bodega La Punctual.    

Try To Get In To Sample Some Of Albert Adrià’s Cuisine

If you are reading this, I’m going to assume you like food as much as I do. In that light of you have seen Chef’s Table on Netflix, you would know all about Albert Adrià. 

His food is so much a part of modern Spanish cuisine that his restaurant needs to be visited at least once. Albert heads the el Barri restaurant group with the crowning jewel being Tickets

Tickets are the flagship, so don’t count on getting in unless you make reservations months in advance. So, get cracking on that phone call. 

If, however, you still don’t manage to get a seat, you can hop to Bodega 1900 across the street. A classic, more affordable, casual meal with all the flair you would expect from Adrià.   

Time For Something Sweet

If you want to sample some traditional candy, make your way to La Colmena near the Jaume 1 metro station. 

They have a plethora of seasonal sweets you can try out. Almond and Pine nut panellets, coca de Sant Joan and handmade caramels are only some of the fantastic delectable desserts you can give a try to, they are the best. Which is why they have been around for such a long time. 

Barcelona is a through and through foodie town and it would be a shame if you go there and have Mcdonalds because you aren’t sure about the food. Be a little adventurous and try out the cuisine. Also, be wary, however, about the places selling frozen paella. 

This by no means an exhaustive list, just the tip of the iceberg in a way.    

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