9 Tips to Make Your Life on a Budget Feel Expensive
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9 Tips to Make Your Life on a Budget Feel Expensive

We all crave for that life filled with luxuries and freedom, but we may or may not be able to afford it. However, that shouldn’t stand in the way of our experiences. 

Living on a budget doesn’t mean you should have to give up on what you like. You just have to be smart about what you buy, what you eat, what you wear and where you get these from. 

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Yes we’re asking you to buy that expensive pair of jeans over the cheap but it really does help if you’re living on a budget. Cheap clothes aren’t sustainable, which means they’ll either be worn out or lose their form quickly. But when you buy quality clothes, you also pay for their sustainability. 

You can wear the same pair of jeans for a longer period, cutting down on expenses that you would otherwise be spending if you bought the cheap pair. 

Workout in The Midst of Nature

Go on walks in the park, trek up nearby hills, or find an open space around your house to practice yoga. You can find a lot to do around the city and enough ways to exercise without going to a gym

While you’re out there, you can also enjoy the natural beauty your city has to provide. That sure sounds a lot better than looking at the four walls of your local gym and the area smelling like sweaty bodies.  

Make Coffee and Snacks at Home

Your regular latte order at the cafe near your workplace most probably costs you more than a cup of coffee should. You can buy high quality coffee beans easily at a nearby retail store and brew some yourself. This way, not only do you save on money but also control what goes in your coffee, making it an economical and comparatively healthier alternative. 

At the same time, it’s not recommended to eat out or order cheap snacks too often. The Chinese takeout you order is anything but healthy. Here’s your smart choice. Rather than ordering cheap snacks regularly, make your own food. Be conscious of what you’re putting into your body. And the savings you have after not ordering takeout for two weeks? Use that to dine out at a good Italian restaurant. 

Go on Short Trips and Bunk With Friends

You don’t need a big bag of cash to go on trips, you need smart choices, friends to bunk with and a high quality Delta-8 flower to make the trip even better. 

Long vacations can be too demanding for your pockets so it’s always preferable to go for multiple short trips and explore different regions. Long weekends are perfect for road trips with your friends across the country. And when you’re out with your friends, does it really matter where you stay? 

Rather than booking yourself a room in a hotel, you can go for an AirBnB. And if you have a friend already living in the city, you know where you’re crashing that night!

Go Minimal

Minimalism has been a trend these past few years, owing to its idea of simple living and clean aesthetics. Following the combination of both the lifestyle and aesthetic can make even your small bedroom look spacious, chic and expensive. 

This starts with giving away or selling things you’ve hoarded over the past years but no longer use. Clear out things you haven’t used in the past 2 months. Cut down on decorations and choose monochromatic or pastel shades. 

Shop Out of Season and Look Out for Deals

If you’re trying to save up but still buy expensive & quality goods, buying items out of season is a great option. These items will usually have a good clearance discount on them. 

You can also find multiple coupons and discounts through online platforms. You’ll find some for everything you buy: clothes, food, furniture, accessories and more. 

Sell What You Don’t Need Anymore

A luxurious lifestyle is also a clean lifestyle, but your house won’t be clean if you store everything you own, even the things you don’t use anymore. 

So through the things not worth owning and selling items that are in good condition but no longer fit you or serve a purpose with you. 

Rent or Buy Pre-owned Items

If you’re not too stuck on buying everything that’s new, you can find some pretty good deals on preowned goods in good quality. This is especially beneficial when you’re buying a car or other high value assets that can cost you a lot. 

Through sites like ebay, you can find quality cars with high original prices, at lower costs, making it the perfect bargain for you. 

You can also rent luxury items from different high end brands. These usually have weekly and monthly rents, allowing you to enjoy the experience without making any crazy investments. 

Be Mindful

When you’re living on a budget, all your decisions need to be well thought out. You have to give up on a few things to gain other benefits, so you need to think your choices out. 

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