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5 Beauty Trends That Will Mark 2020

We have finally made it to 2020 and I think it is time to raise a toast to beauty trends that marked the end of 2019. From side bangs to smoky liners and subtle glitter. And that doesn’t even cover single shadows, brown lips, and head to toe glow. But last year was an atonement for beauty trends that haven’t worked successfully in the bygone years. Especially on cultural grounds and how women and young girls reflect their persona in the mirror. We also saw Fenty beauty by Rihana and bare beauty in all its splendor. Overall 2019 was about embracing your individuality and pushing personal beauty standards to a new level. Let’s take the same individualistic spirit into 2020 and kick things off with the beauty trends that are predicted to be a hit this year. 

2020 Will Be a Call For Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty is gathering momentum slowly and steadily. It will accelerate even more in 2020 as we try to find the formulas behind beauty products. Many brands in the market were seen coming up with labels like “free from parabens”, “free from silicones.” However, the CTPA (Cosmetics, Toiletry, and Perfumery Association) explains that products free from claims cannot be entirely true. The reason behind this perplexity is that there is no superior justification behind all these claims. This means that in 2020 we can expect individuals discarding products with misleading information. Moreover, people will demand more clarity and transparency from beauty brands ultimately leading to clarification as to what clean products mean. So, watch out for brands that are creating cleanest beauty products this year. 

Celebration of Bare Beauty

More and more people are celebrating the idea of bare beauty. In other words, clean and beautiful skin with no bright lip colors or accentuated eye-liners. A simple foundation and concealer should do the magic. You add a soft sheen to your cheekbones, a glossy nude color to the lips, and bridge the nose with medium shine. After all, when it comes to a bare beauty a little glow is mandatory. All in all, 2020 will be a mixture of individual approaches to beauty. Some might stick to the idea of bare beauty, almost similar to the no-makeup look while others will go bold and take intuitive takes on eyeliners. Which, by the way, brings me to my next point. 

Inventive Eye Liners

Believe it or not but a lot of inventive eye-liners were a part of the spring 2020 runways. In my personal opinion, it is the euphoria effect steadily taking over both the millennials and generation Z. Call it a trend or a modern approach to eyeliner accentuation, but new takes on eyeliners will mark the beginning of 2020. For instance, the gemstone eyes, gold eyeliner, and colored eyeliners with extended wings. I think we will be seeing more inventive eyeliners this year. So, get ready to embrace bold colors and unique eye-lining shapes in 2020. 

Knotted Headbands

Padded headbands were an integral part of 2019. However, this year will be more about knotted headbands. We have already seen the Spring collection filled with knotted headbands. Take a look at the Alice and Olivia collection for this Spring season, you will find out exactly what I mean. And the good news is, knotted headbands are a great way to overshadow the not-so-good hair day. In fact, you can buy these headbands from any brand and adorn your hair with a beautiful accessory. After all, knotted headbands are the new “It” hair accessories in 2020. 


It is actually the latest hair coloring technique and trust me it is spreading like a fire. In the past few years, we have seen every type and kind of coloring technique and somehow hairstylists manage to come up with even more brilliant ideas every year. For example, 2020 will be all about twilighting with warm undertones and a few golden dimensions. It will just be like walking out of the Edward Cullen movie. You see, according to the experts, twilighting means coloring a few balayage pieces along with foiled baby-lights.

This also means that you will be seeing a lot of twilighting in 2020 and yes balayage will be very much a part of 2020 just like it was last year. If you too are looking to adopt these simple and fresh beauty looks this year, then head out to your nearest Superdrug store with any top taxi apps in UK.

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